Our Founders

Our Founders: Bill & Lisa Gray

What started out as a love for boxers quickly grew into so much more. Lisa Gray loved the breed and when she and Bill married, he grew to love them too. Soon he became the president of a boxer rescue and after a few years decided he wanted to start his own rescue. Out of that love, was born Second Chance Boxer Rescue in 2012. A small, local rescue that took in the unwanted and behaviorally unsound boxers that other rescues may not want. After a few years Bill quickly realized that the need in the community was so much bigger than being a breed specific rescue and Second Chance Friends Rescue was formed in 2016. Throughout the years, Bill and Lisa have taken in hundreds of dogs into their home. Some may have stayed a short while, some for as long as it took but one thing was for certain, each dog got the very best care and vet attention that was available. Bill and Lisa treated each one as if they were their own.

Second Chance is thankful for the work that they do in the community and at home. They often have a hectic schedule but are always available to help those in need.


Bill Gray
Lisa Gray