Application Process/Getting Started

Application Process / Getting Started:

We are an all-volunteer group, and the speed of processing of applications depends on two major factors: volunteer availability and being able to verify all the information on your application. When an application comes in, we check the vet reference, verify your home (own) or that you have permission from your LL to have a dog and check your references. Please be sure to let them know that we will be contacting them and give approval to your vet to release information about your pets. Once we have checked all your references, we forward the application to the placement team.

The Phone Interview
A placement volunteer will review your application information with you by phone. This will give both parties a chance to ask additional questions and find out a little more about the dog and if he/she would be a good fit for the home.

The Home Visit
We require a home visit before a placement can be made. One of our volunteers will arrange to meet with you in your home environment. The information from the home visit will be used to help match you with a dog suitable for your family, your home and your lifestyle. All family members must be present.

Meet the dog
Following the home visit, when a potential match has been made by the Placement volunteer, she will put you in touch with dog’s foster parent to arrange a Meet & Greet between the foster dog and the potential adopter and his/her family and pets if any. The volunteer foster parent, having lived with the dog, has the most information about the personality, characteristics and needs of the dog, and will make sure the dog is comfortable with the potential adopter.

The Adoption Contract & Adoption Fee
Upon adoption you will be required to read and sign a legally binding contract detailing the terms and conditions of the adoption. You will also be required to pay the adoption fee at that time which will vary depending on the dog. Each animal is fully vetted prior to placement.

Second Chance Friends Rescue Adoption Application
Our application must be completed in full to be considered for the adoption of a dog. While you may indicate an interest in a specific rescue dog on your application, there will likely be many interested applicants for any particular dog. We work very hard to insure that each adoption is an ideal fit and have successfully placed many great dogs with families who initially did not inquire about them because another dog’s picture caught their eye.