Want to Foster?!?

  • Love dogs but aren’t sure where to start?
  • Can’t commit the next fourteen plus years of your life to a dog of your own?
  • Experienced with dogs, and have a heart to help a needy one?

These are just a few of the reasons to consider fostering. When you foster you are opening your heart and home to a dog that is up for adoption or soon will be. Like some rescue groups, SCF does not have a facility and we rely 100% on open foster homes to be able to say yes to new dogs. Our generous network of volunterees who take in dogs and help them during their journey toward a forever home is what is most needed. 

Foster Application

How Do I Get Started?

Questions about Fostering Process:

  • What kind of foster homes are you looking for?
  • Can I specify my criteria for a foster dog / cat?
  • Do I choose my foster dog / cat?
  • Do I provide food?
  • How long do I keep the dog / cat?
  • What if I work full time?
  • How often will I be asked to foster


What are my responsibilities as a doggie foster parent?
In a nutshell, you will be expected to provide the same care and love you would to a dog you have adopted, but with the knowledge that this is (usually) temporary. If it’s been a while since you shared your home with a furry friend, here is a short list of typical responsibilities:

  • See that your foster dog eats a healthful and nourishing diet; get educated on dog food quality, and which foods are safe or unsafe for dogs
  • Give your foster a safe, comfortable environment for play, eating, and sleeping
  • Make sure your little house guest gets their daily requirement of breed-appropriate exercise
  • Arrange for routine and other veterinary care as needed, including regular check-ups
  • Monitor your foster dog’s behavior and social development, to make them a better household member not just for your home, but for their future adoptive family
  • Share information regularly with the rescue on your foster dog’s social progress, changes in health, obedience, appetite, etc.
  • Provide pictures as often as you like, not only so that we can monitor changes as your guest transforms from shelter inmate to loving family member, but so we can show off how well he or she is doing under you care!